There are a lot of Bo Staffs made from both metal and wood on the Market. So what separates Rattan wood from the competition. Rattan wood makes an excellent Bo staff because of the natural properties that make it different from other woods. First the Skin. The Strength of Rattan Wood is a product of it’s skin. The Skin keeps the staffs strong while still being able to be manipulated under fire.

Rattan Wood Staffs can be permanently straightened.

Rattan has a great property in that it can be heated straightened into either a very straight staff or manipulated into various shapes. The benefit of this manipulation is that you can take a otherwise flawed staff and make it near perfect.

Straightening the Staff is more of an Art Rather than a science and having an experienced rattan straightener is key. This is how incredible straight Bo Staff and Escrima Sticks are made.

Straightening Rattan is done by a process of firing and then bending the rattan repeatedly until it is straight. This process is also what allows rattan to be bent into shape for Rattan Furniture and why the construction of Rattan furniture is indeed extremely labor intensive.